• Select Publications and Presentations

Bodies Withdrawn: The Ethics of Abstractions in Contemporary Post-Minimal Art — PhD Thesis (2018)

Review: “Toronto Biennial of Art: The Shoreline Dilemma” ASAPJournal.com (December 17, 2019).

Review: “Muscled Rose at Scrap Metal Gallery” CanadianArt.ca (August 14, 2019)  (Weblink)

“Pervasive Death: Teresa Margolles and the Space of the Corpse.” — Human Remains and Violence 4/1 (2018)

The Concrete and the Abstract: On Doris Salcedo, Teresa Margolles and Santiago Sierra’s Tenuous Bodies”  — Parallax 76 (2016)

“Sharon Lockhart and Steve McQueen: Inside the Frame of Structural Film.” CineAction (2014)

Capitalism and Contemporaneity: On Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave — Kapsula (2014)

“Up, Down, Left, Right: Some Thoughts on the Inverse, Reverse, and Double.” — FrameWork 4-16 (2015)